Carolyn J. McNeely-Vaughn

Life on Purpose Coaching, LLC
With more than 60 years of life experience, Carolyn has benefited from and used her experience to balance the demands of a growing family, pursue a successful career, and lead in full-time ministry in order to encourage and effect positive change in the lives of others. She has graciously triumphed over the challenges that many face in today’s world. Each challenge presented a unique opportunity to lead and be led, to take charge, and to submit, to coach and be coached. This collection of experiences and challenges have helped to shape Carolyn Vaughn, personally and professionally.

She began her professional career as a teacher with USD 500. After many years of serving in education, Carolyn answered a calling to full-time ministry with her pastor/husband. She serves faithfully, as church administrator, Christian education director and serves her church congregation in varied capacities. After numerous confirmations and embarking on a new decade in life, she pivoted and turned her focus to include coaching, joining the Coaches Training Institute. Her journey forward into a new phase of life altered her well-known direction and set Carolyn on a new and engaging course. This new course enables her to go deeper into a life service to others and uses everything she has lived and learned in her own journey. Her company “Life On Purpose Coaching” was birthed out of her intentional focus to live life on purpose and with purpose.

The heartbeat of Carolyn Vaughn’s life is her husband of forty years, three adult sons, two daughters in-love and three magnificent grandchildren.




Credentialed Coach (ACC)


Credentialed Certified Coactive Professional Coach (CPCC)


(Couples Assessment) Coach

Bachelors in Education

Kansas State University


Master’s in Education

Emporia University

Church leadership

(Administrator, Event Planning, Christian Education)

Over twenty years

Hosting Women’s Conferences